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“It was a pleasure having Mr. Jarvis Johnson with, Connect the Gap, come and speak to my Academy of Hospitality and Tourism students. Mr. Johnson’s ability to relate to my students was refreshing. He made a connection with the students on a personal and emotional level as he told them the story of his life and the ups and downs he went through. He spoke about the importance to stay positive, surround yourself with good people, and never give up. I look forward to Mr. Johnson visiting my students again as he strives to make a difference in the lives of students he meets.”

~Don Festge, Lead Teacher, Alonzo & Tracy Mourning High School 18′


“Jarvis is a philanthropist. The community knows he is a proven successful player-coach, on and off the field. Furthermore, he gives back. Good people prevail. He set examples on how to succeed on and off the field, thrived, and set a standard of being a winner, in everything you do! Jarvis was one of the smartest, hard-hitting, dependable football players, I’ve seen, coming out of college. He showed me how to break down the playbook and bring it on the field. He also demonstrated how to apply those same principles off the field, as far as mental toughness, dedication, commitment, and more. In this present day, whether it’s about networking, building your resume, obtaining higher learning, or employment he is still sharing knowledge and purpose through his company Connect The Gap.”

~ Derrick Robeson Jr., Rutgers University 07’, NFL Houston Texans 08’


“I was able to tell right away Coach Jarvis has a genuine passion to see me succeed. His credentials and life experience also make him someone I was able to trust and learn from. As a current football player now at Arizona State University, I still value the things I learned from Coach Jarvis and I recommend him and his program (Connect The Gap) to any school looking to help their students succeed.”

~ Michael Turk, Arizona State University 21’


“I am David Njoku, current Tight End for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. I met Coach J when I was a sophomore at the University of Miami. I only have positive feedback to say about him. He is very diligent through work ethics shown through Coaching and life. I had the pleasure to watch and learn from him which grew into companionship by understanding his morals.”

~David Enjoku, University of Miami 15’ NFL Cleveland Browns 19’


“Jarvis, you inspire and motivate me to stretch myself and reach higher than I would before. When I see what you are doing it keeps me grounded because I know image and perception matter; be not just talkers, but doers. Thank you and continue the inspiring work you are doing.”

~Ricky Williams, Retired Los Angeles Raiders NFL 84-85′-87′


“The Easton Area School District in Easton, PA has been receiving services from Connect the Gap through Jarvis Johnson, a truly transformational individual who has focused on selected groups of students who have desired a mentoring relationship and assistance in building greater levels of self-confidence. We have been thrilled with the results! They have exceeded our expectations. Jarvis has been a tremendous asset for us and the program has been very successful. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Jarvis and the Connect the Gap organization next school year.”

~John Reinhart, Former Superintendent of Schools, EASD 18′


“Coach Johnson’s involvement with the Easton Area School District through his Connect The Gap program has had an immediate positive impact on our students and staff. Coach J is enthusiastic, motivational, and authentic in his approach. His ability to connect to our students in a real and meaningful way is a testament to his character, which has been shaped by his many and varied life experiences”

~ Kyle Geiger, Principal, EAHS 18′


“Coach Johnson has been a tremendous asset to our football program over the last 2 years. He has a genuine interest in the well-being of our football players both on and off the field. He is an outstanding role model for both our players and coaching staff. He does an outstanding job helping our student-athletes from academics to off the field issues. He relates so well with them and also has a lot of resources available to them. His impact on our football program and our football family have well exceeded our expectations.”

~Jeff Braido, Head Football Coach, EAHS 20′


“It was great to have another “voice” and resource for our student-athletes outside of the basketball coaching staff. Coach J’s areas of expertise outside of basketball were a good addition to the program. We as coaches were able to spend more time coaching basketball and the non-basketball duties were a perfect fit for his program. Coach J became part of the team right away, and his presence at practice and games was much appreciated! “

~Benjamin Childs, Head Basketball Coach, EAHS 20′


“Coach Jarvis had such a positive impact on my success freshman year at Lafayette College. As a student-athlete, adjusting to the college level I originally struggled with time management. Coach Jarvis used his background as a prior student-athlete and professional athlete to assist me in organizing my schedule so that I could get all of my work done and still be able to excel on the Lacrosse field. I met with Coach Jarvis weekly with any problems I was having and he did an excellent job helping me with them all. I know his company, Connect The Gap will extremely be helpful to all students especially when experiencing obstacles such as I encountered.” 

~ John Natoli- Lafayette College Lacrosse Team, 21’


Being a student-athlete has its challenges, one of the challenges that are tough to overcome is when an athlete is being faced with discouragement and hitting that wall of becoming mentally drained. In my case, I’ve had someone to uplift me when I was going through my time as a student-athlete. The person who helped me was Coach Jarvis Johnson. Coach J, worked with student-athlete development during my time at the University of Miami. Coach J taught me how to manage my time, how to delegate so that I didn’t have so much on my shoulder, he would uplift my spirits when I was feeling low by reminding me how far I’ve come and what the future has in store for me. Until this day, Connect The Gap, continues to mentor me and offers guidance to me so that my next steps in life are monumental.”

~ Calvin Heurtelou- University of Miami 16’NFL Green Bay Packers 17’


“Knowing that Coach J has played in the  NFL & Coached @ the Collegiate Level, his knowledge that contributes over to teaching helps my peers and I be able to trust that he will put us in a position to succeed.”

~Nahjee Adams- EAHS FB, 21′


“The most valuable part of Coach’s J program for me was the workshops about our futures and what you have to do to get there.”

~Avery Hutchison- EAHS Basketball, 21′


“Being in Coach J program made our team more comfortable and he connected with all the players, making us feel like we were family.” 

~Nashawn Johnson- EAHS Basketball, 20′


“Coach J and I saw eye to eye in life. He gave me the motivation to stay on the path of always being a good person and not letting emotions affect morals. Coach J’s positive energy and influence made me want to be just like him and give back the way he does.”

~Joseph “Joey” Heckel- EAHS FB/Lax, 20′


“I’ve had the luxury of getting to know Jarvis and about his company, Connect The Gap. Over the past couple of years, our missions in helping fellow athletes transition and be smarter about their careers have been life-changing. Jarvis is one of the few individuals that are not in it for the accolades or secret motives, but actually helping athletes transition and finding themselves after their careers are over. Jarvis has lived it, so he’s coming from a place of experience being a former professional athlete himself, he’s done the work obtaining multiple graduate degrees post-playing, and made the sacrifices working across the board in different industries as well.”

~ Amobi Okugo, Austin Bold- American Soccer Player 17′


“It has been an honor working with Coach Johnson and him working with our children. I have grown from my interactions with him. Coach Johnson provides such wise insights and conveys an optimistic perspective on life. The connections and relationships that have forged with the children and the adults are impressive and comforting. You had some children with extremely intense needs, but I was grateful that your dedicated work with them was evident in their development. You are a blessing in all of our lives.”

~Dr. Charlene Symia, Principal, EAMS 20′


“When I first arrived at school, everything had an order. Coaches were meant to coach, Professors were meant to profess, and students were meant to care for each other to make college easier, or more enjoyable. Somehow, Coach J has figured out a way to do all three of those roles by creating Connect The Gap. He coached me up on the game and life, taught me how to treat people, and continues to motivate me to complete my degree. Whenever I needed help with anything, his team is always present to help me. If it was not for Coach J, I honestly do not know where I would stand in school today. His presence and his knowledge plays and has played the role of CARE. He is someone who will be there when you need him, and gives wisdom when he arrives.”

~ Kevin Hutchinson- Lafayette College Football Team 20’


“Coach Jarvis played an integral role in supporting student-athlete achievement. He demonstrated a keen ability to connect with students and meet them where they are at. Whether striving for dean’s list or struggling to stay off of academic probation, Coach Jarvis remained steadfast in his unconditional support of the students under his charge.”

 ~ Christopher J. Selena, Ed.D. Lafayette College- Assoc. Dean of Advising 17′


Connect the Gap empowers those who have felt that there has been so much talk about the problem and little action to remedy the inequities that are an everyday battle in school systems. What schools are so desperately in need of is a tangible tool of hope. Connect the Gap, through passionate interaction with students, staff, and school administration has been the tangible tool of hope that answers the call to what school districts seek. Founder, Jarvis Johnson shares his own story of struggles and triumphs as a young man through his interaction at school and school events, allowing students to see that they too can overcome the obstacles that they encounter along the way.”

~ Kendra Durrah, EAHS, English Dept. Coordinator 18′


“Jarvis has been a constant resource for me. His continued guidance and his experience have helped me successfully begin and continue my transition out of the sports world and into life after. Jarvis is a leader! His ability to connect and draw from different areas of his life allows for an authentic experience. Many people can tell you how to do it, but how many help you navigate that path and are willing to take that journey with you. Connect The Gap does.”

~ Kevin Brock, Rutgers University 09’National Football League 16’


“Coach J is an advocate for all students, who wants students to understand that achieving success begins with understanding one’s own leadership ability. His leadership was evident, as I became aware of his intent to provide a platform for student success. Through Connect The Gap, their initiatives are helping students understand the importance of Education and what it looks like to lead yourself before leading others.”

~ Devon Carter-Lehigh University 16’, 18G, 23 Men’s Basketball &Team Captain


“Coach J taught many things, especially something I needed like, how to manage time. Time management is an important skill that I will need in the future for college and my future career. Coach J helped me to develop a habit of setting short and long term goals for myself to achieve. I learned how to be optimistic about college and to finish high school off strong to get where I want to be. Coach J was very beneficial in several ways and I’m happy I was able to enjoy this experience with him and his company Connect The Gap.”

~ Maya Robinson, EAHS 19’


“Jarvis’s ability to connect with kids and build relationships with them is seamless. He knows how to build rapport with the students he comes into contact with on a daily basis. As a result, he is able to establish mutual respect and trust. When Jarvis is talking with the students, they are extremely attentive. They want to hear what he has to say – his messages are very inspiring and motivating! Jarvis is a positive role model for the youth of today. He is a very positive person who is always looking for the positives in the students that he works with at EAHS. He genuinely wants the best for his students and wants them to succeed.”

~Jeanette Kassis- EAHS, Deputy Principal 18′


“Jarvis has an innate ability to inspire, educate, and empower those around him. I had mentioned to Jarvis that I, due to some life challenges, was some credits short of completing an MS in Sport Management. I was considering not going back to finish it, he challenged my reasons and inspired me to finish my degree. After guidance and support from Jarvis, I am currently enrolled in the MS in Kinesiology program at Louisiana State University with a focus on Sport Management. His work creating “Connect The Gap” is a testament to his leadership, and his ability to inspire, educate, and empower.”

~ Kyle M. Chavis, Coordinator, Aquatics Louisiana State University 17′


 “Coach Johnsons’ Connect the Gap program had tremendous success with a group of my 7th grade male students. As the principal of an alternative education school, Coach Johnson was able to work to foster and create strong positive relationships with these young men that transferred to their everyday lives and into the classroom. I’ve found Coach Johnson and the services he delivered to be a tremendous asset not only to my building but to the school district and community.”

~ Mr. Randy Buck, Principal, EAMS 18′


“Jarvis leads by example and experience which has made a positive impact on the youth around the Lehigh Valley community through Connect The Gap. I teach a group of 42 high school girls that are college-bound and learning how to navigate through challenges and barriers presented in their lives while aspiring to reach their current and postsecondary goals. In a warm, non-judgmental, and nurturing manner, Jarvis shared nuggets of knowledge that was highly receptive by my students and continues to provide mentorship and guidance to those who are in need of it.”       

~ Robin Alozie, Academic Leadership Seminar, Liberty High School, BASD 18′


“Coach J, through his leadership and professional advice, he spoke about me returning back to college to complete my degree. I returned back to the University of Louisville where I led the NCAA in interceptions in 2014 and was drafted in the 7th round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015. I am progressing toward my degree, and also, training for any possibility of being picked up by an NFL team within the near future and Connect The Gap has been there for me during the transition.”

~ Gerod Holliman, Former NFL Player- Current Free Agent 17′


 “Ever since I started working with Coach J, he has made sure every student-athlete has access and knows about all available resources in order to succeed to their fullest. Besides making sure every student was excelling academically, Coach J cared about each and every student far and beyond, as more than just a “Coach.” He created a personal relationship, checking on each of the student-athletes, and building trust with each and every one of us. Connect The Gap is what he does for all of us.”

~ Andrew Robbins, Lafayette College Lacrosse Team 21’


“Every time I went to Coach Johnson office, he was able to identify issues that hinder me from achieving my full potential. We worked on time management, self- discipline, and study habits. He helped me create a very detailed schedule to follow throughout the day. We worked on Self-discipline whether we were on the field, weight room, or in public. We tackled my horrible study habits by prioritizing more time to reviewing. My grades gradually increase from D’s to C’s to finally A’s and B”s. The process helped me realize the sacrifice I must make to become All-Time, not only on the field but in the classroom as well. Becoming a better man to society was his mission for me, and he succeeded. I’m glad to say, now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor because of Coach Johnson! I believe every school should have Connect The Gap.”

~ Cheney Mondesir, University of Miami 19’


“Coach Jarvis Johnson was more than a Coach to me and a bunch of my teammates at Kean University. During my playing time there, I was honored with being named Captain of the team, but having Coach Johnson on my side, helped me navigate through tough times. Coach Johnson realize my worth not only as a player but as a man. His team at Connect The Gap provides mentorship and advice that I still use to this day as a current high school football Coach and Teacher. Coach Johnson has had a priceless impact on my life and I will forever be indebted to him. Connect The Gap is setting the new wave!”

~ Sylvester Wright, Kean University 16’


“Coach Johnson one of the best coaches ever!! He’s down to earth, he could relate to me, we talked football and we talked about life. Coach J told us how important it is to be you, a stand-up man, and believe in yourself. Coach J always mentioned, “Never let nobody tell you what you can and can’t do, especially if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything you want on and off the field.” Thank You, Coach! If you ever need my assistance with Connect The Gap, I am more than willing.”

~ Antoine Hall- Dixie State College 12’ Invitational Scout Bowl


“There is an old teaching adage, “They have to know that you care before they care what you know.”  What to do when there are so very many gaps to connect? Jarvis Johnson, Founder of “Connect The Gap” starts with the most important one—caring for the student. Whether it is a group workshop or quiet downtime, Coach Johnson focuses on and embraces each student in the room. He supports his self-esteem workshop with continued attention to the individual student validating the qualities the student shares in the workshop. His energy, enthusiasm, belief in his mission, and most importantly, his belief in the students contribute to an empowering experience for all involved—even the teacher.”

~ Dr. Sarah P. Wascura, French & English Teacher/ Gifted Counselor EAHS 18′


Jarvis’ approach to working with students is one that encompasses compassion and understanding. He is always willing to meet students where they are without a judgmental lens that allows the student to open up. His patience is a true asset in the work that he does with students and Connect The Gap.

~Brandon Morris, Lafayette College, First Yr. Class Dean- Fellowship Advisor 17′


“Jarvis, you are a reflection of what everyone should be. You remind me of a song I would sing as a young child in Bible School…’ This Little Light of Mine…I’ m going to let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine on me…Your light is shining bright bro! Continue your mission. Your brother in Arms!!! Big Ed”

~ Ed “Big Ed” White, Retired NFL Player Minnesota Vikings 69-77’ San Diego Chargers 78-85’


“I truly appreciate Connect The Gap. I had firsthand experience with Coach Jarvis. In the process of transferring from Cheyney University to Millersville University, he provided me a lot of confidence and reassurance that I was going to be successful as I followed his guidance and trusted the process. Not only did he assist me as a student-athlete, but he helped me to develop characteristics so that I can grow as a young man.”

~ Allen Chatmon, Millersville University 21’